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The jury chairman of the election Europe’s Best Drag Queen is Valentine Strangé. The names of the jurymembers will be announced later.Register as a candidate, to participate in the election? Who knows? You might become the third Europe’s Best Drag Queen 2022

Please state clearly whether you agree with your participation in the Europe's best Drag Queen 2022 election so that we can take the necessary steps to inform the jury.

First European Best Drag Queen Election. Lola McQueen

We are proud to announce the winner of the very first European Best Drag Queen election. Lola McQueen has become EBDQ2019. She is an artist who has shown a lot of her skills in a very short time, who is committed to the LGBTQ+ community, the deaf community and who has won many other titles. On behalf of the organization, congratulations to Lola McQueen!

Nous sommes fiers d'annoncer le gagnante de la toute première élection européenne de la meilleure Drag Queen. Lola McQueen est devenue EBDQ2019. C'est une artiste qui a montré beaucoup de ses compétences en très peu de temps, qui est engagée envers la communauté LGBTQ+, la communauté sourde et qui a remporté plusieurs autres titres. Au nom de l'organisation, félicitations à Lola McQueen !

From May 1st to August 1st 2022 you can register for Europe's Best Drag Queen 2022. After the registration period, a professional jury will choose 3 finalists, so this is a pre-selection, which is normal for a European election. The 3 finalists will then come to the live show on November, 2022. You can register on the website, but we cannot accept the registration without a complete registration form.
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Du 1er mai au 1er août 2022, vous pouvez vous inscrire au meilleur Drag Queen d'Europe 2022. Après la période d'inscription, un jury professionnel sélectionnera 3 finalistes, il s'agit donc d'une présélection, ce qui est normal pour une élection européenne. Les 3 finalistes se rendront ensuite au live show le novembre 2022. Vous pouvez vous inscrire sur le site, mais nous ne pouvons accepter l'inscription sans un formulaire d'inscription complete.
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Del 1 de mayo al 1 de agosto 2022, puede inscribirse en el mejor Drag Queen 2022 de Europa. Después del período de registro, un jurado profesional elegirá 3 finalistas, por lo que esta es una preselección, lo cual es normal para una elección europea. Los 3 finalistas vendrán al show en vivo el noviembre de 2022. Puede registrarse en el sitio web, pero no podemos aceptar el registro sin un formulario de registro completo.
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Vom 1. bis Mai 1. August 2022 können Sie sich für Europas Beste Drag Queen 2022 anmelden. Nach der Anmeldefrist wählt eine Fachjury 3 Finalisten aus. Dies ist also eine Vorauswahl, die für eine Europawahl normal ist. Die 3 Finalisten werden dann am November 2022 zur Live-Show kommen. Sie können sich auf der Website registrieren, aber wir können die Registrierung ohne ein vollständiges Anmeldeformular nicht akzeptieren.
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Dal 1 maggio al 1 agosto 2022 è possibile registrarsi per il miglior Drag Queen in Europa 2022. Dopo il periodo di registrazione, una giuria professionale sceglierà 3 finalisti, quindi questa è una preselezione, che è normale per le elezioni europee. I 3 finalisti verranno quindi allo spettacolo dal vivo il novembre 2022. Puoi registrarti sul sito web, ma non possiamo accettare la registrazione senza un modulo di registrazione completo.
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Mail your best 2 headshot photos and 3 or 4 pieces in high quality! Also 2 links of your Drag Movie, free of rights, for the jury’s assessment and links to your Facebook and Instagram! And a short Bio of yourself, together with the application form. 

We are looking for a Miss who knows who she is, who is herself, someone who can make a Statement and will fight for the title: Europe’s Best Drag Queen 2022.

  • Europe’s Best Drag Queen 2022 will be nominated!
  • Europe will not be able to ignore this.
  • Drag is beautiful on the inside and on the outside!

The purpose of this yearly event is more acceptance and tolerance.

Unknown makes unloved!


EUROPE’S BEST DRAG QUEEN 2022(®) will be nominated!

Pink Promiss aims for more publicity and tolerance for the lesbian gay, queer, bi- transgender and drag scene, in order to break through the taboo in Europe.

Pink Promiss will be organizing the International Europe’s Best Drag Queen Election.

In Europe there is still a large taboo towards homo-sexuality.

Due to this, Pink Promiss would like to organize the International Contest with the title: Europe’s Best Drag Queen(®) The participants will be exclusively nominated by the International jury. The names of the jurymembers will be announced later.

We only accept fully completed registration forms.


Here we will show the pictures from our Europe's Best Drag Queen participants of 2022.


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